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October 23rd, 2013, 18:39
Can't judge the hd remake for that, but at least the old game used a lot of "common sense" and realism which is not used in most other rpgs. Not just the illnesses. They also use a very realistic armor system where each armor reduces your ability to hit with your weapon. So your fighter might actually be better off with some medium armor. It uses health and thirst…you might need a rope in some dungeons or it might help you with some mountain routes and at least the old game had lots of little things which gave the game it's charm. Like the little animations when putting on some clothing (much like opening a door in Jagged Alliance 1) or when running around without trousers, which reminds me of things like sending flowers to Deidranna in Jagged Alliance 2. Well, the game was published in the US by Sir-tech which also developed Jagged Alliance, but that was probably more of an accident.
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