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October 23rd, 2013, 20:41
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Exactly. Games can be patched.

I believe noone ever said it's easy. Well… Unless you're into free2scam phonegame business.
Games can be patched, which usually screws up something else so the game has to be patched again, and again, and for this particular game every time they patch it it will mess up the major mods so people will have to wait for compablity fixes and whatnot.

Exactly which serious bugs does it have that Bethesda (or the unofficial patch) didnt fix? Can't say i have completed the whole game yet, but i have played for at least 100h or so and havent runned into anything so far..

Wouldnt really surprise me if you're one of those people who's whining "worst company ever, and i should know, i played the game every day for 2 years and it totally sucked!!!" I've seen that far too often with games (though usually for MMORPG's but sometimes for TES too).. Always strikes me as kind of.. silly and paradoxal.
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