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October 25th, 2013, 05:46
It's Springtime again in Melbourne, and as I complained in this thread last year, it's the worst time of year to be a Melbournian IMHO. The temperature has swung from high twenties to mid-to-low-teens. At time it's been dry, at others it's been very wet.
It's gastro season.
It's hay fever season.
It's the windiest time of year.
It's bird swooping season - usually only the Magpies swoop, and the occasional Plover. But the other day, as I rode home on my bicycle, I was set upon by a Honeyeater. When Honeyeaters turn against us, then you know that mother nature is not happy.

On that note there have been major bushfires in New South Wales, which has prompted some discussion around the link between these drastic weather related events and climate change. Our newly elected Prime Minister was heard to say that the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change - Christiana Figueres - was 'talking through her hat' on the subject when she made the connection.

What does that even mean?
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