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October 25th, 2013, 14:34
My bro mentioned I should check a certain crime procedural - Unforgettable.

Told him to shove off because I've read somewhere it's cancelled after the first season, but now I see on wiki it's actually renewed twice which means there will also be season three.
Anyone watched it, is it good as he claims it is?


Found out the next season of True Blood will also be the last. Thank god. It started good and then went down rapidly over years. Don't ask why am I still watching it. Must be Pam's dialogues…


in the year 1945 when Claire Randall, a British combat nurse, is on vacation in Scotland with her husband, Frank Randall. They are on a second honeymoon to rekindle their relationship after being separated for the past six years due to the war. While Claire is looking at some plant species near a stone structure similar to Stonehenge, she starts to hear a loud buzzing sound and finds herself in the year 1743.
Claire runs into a sadistic British soldier, Black Jack Randall, who she later discovers is an ancestor of her husband, Frank. Claire is rescued by a group of Highlanders who she gets to know over the course of a few months. The British are convinced that Claire is a spy and they insist that she be turned over to them for questioning. The Scottish clan give Claire the option of marrying one of the clansmen in order to gain the clan's protection and not be turned over to Black Jack Randall.
Claire marries Jamie Fraser, and he swears an oath to protect her. He protects her with his sword many times. Jaime affectionately calls Claire "Sassenach," which is a term used by the Highlanders towards a Lowlander or an English person. The pair gradually fall madly in love with each other, but Claire's other life with her husband in 1945 is always on her mind. Eventually, Claire tells Jaime the truth about where and when she comes from, and Jamie tries to send her back to her own time.
That's in short what is Diana Gabaldon's bestseller about. It's not just a yucky romance turnable only into soap opera crap, but combines almost if not all genres. And Starz are making series based on it with the same title - Outlander. When to expect it? Next year.
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