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October 25th, 2013, 23:30
Well, I've been talking to an employee of Ulisses. Ulissis is the current license holder for the TDE stuff - except for videogames, which is still handled by Chromatrix, she reassured me.

I can merely tell you about her personal opinion. Nothing official ! Please keep this in mind.

She told me that she has been (and seemingly still is) a huge fan of the "Realms Of Arcania" Trilogy, of which the "Blade Of Destiny" is the first part (we Germans call this Trilogy simple the NLT - the "Nordlandtrilogie").

She told me that she has been playing the remake. And that she was … shocked. Yes, I think "shocked" is the best word.

Since Ulisses manages the print stuff mainly, she doesn't know - as an employee - how the development of the remake took part - because Ulisses is not the license holder for TDE videoi games, so they basically had nothing to do with it.

As a result, they didn't know how far, how good or how bad the product was - until it was released.

Only the tiniest sign of criticism could be heard : That the game's publisher ? developer ? don't quite remember the exact words anymore - didn't invite Ulisses to see how far, how good or how bad the product was (these are my words). So, Ulisses knew nothing - until it was released (and therefore too late).

I'd have to ask an Chromatrix rep regarding the remake - how it was possible that it could get released that unfinished, this is the most "pressing" question I still have.

And remember : This stuff is nothing official !! It is just the personal report from one employee ! (Albeit one of the more important ones, regarding the TDE stuff itself. She's been co-author to several newer TDE books.)

That's all I can say.
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