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October 26th, 2013, 07:17
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I'm pretty sure it's the same game we've been playing?

Well, maybe I've gone insane - but I'm pretty damn sure enemies popped up and would often get what seemed like a free turn. Whether that happened during their phase or not - I'm kinda fuzzy on that. But Overwatch was such a weak ability for the player that you didn't really have a choice but to put your men in harms way and just stand around looking like an idiot while enemies spawned and behaved impolitely

But I'll give it a replay once the expansion is out - and maybe I'll be able to explain what I mean better.
You're right about this feature, I found it incredibly annoying. The aliens spawn at certain points on the map but don't move until they're spotted by the player. When that happens, they get a free movement turn. Really amplified by them getting to move & act immediately after the players turn ends, basically giving them 2x move immediately after being spotted.

Confirmed in this review

"Never forget that enemies actually get a free move when you first spot them, which means that it’s incredibly unwise to go forward without having at least one (make it two to be certain) operatives on Overwatch, ready to use their weapons to take down any alien that bursts into view."

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