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October 26th, 2013, 16:46
Well, yeah, if they didn't get that free move they would all be huddled around one of those green body things. You would mow them down before they could do their little pose!

There's a basic, unrealistic aspect to this game: deaf enemies. You come swooping in with that VTOL craft then start shooting off rockets and grenades, yet the enemies you don't see just keep going about whatever business they were doing before. It's hardly unique to XCom, though. In fact, just about every RPG has done it going all the way back to pen & paper days. Can you image what would happen in a Baldur's Gate dungeon if all the denizens ran off to defensible positions and maybe even set up ambushes the first time you launched a fireball in a dungeon? Your party would be slaughtered!
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