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October 26th, 2013, 19:04
I bought the game from GreenMan as part of the get "first templar" game free. So with several days left until Demonicon came out, I have been playing alot of that game.

As a result, it is very clear to me that Demonicon was built with essentially the same engine and most of the same mechanics as First Templar. I actually find myself enjoying templar, but its definitely a bargain game. It is extremely linear with separately defined "levels," somewhat stiff but functional combat, and an interesting progression system.

I have only been playing for a few hours, but Demonicon seems almost the same in a lot of respects. It looks like they took the engine opened up the gameplay a little bit by adding more rpg type interaction within "levels" and changed the progression system to suit the dark eye approach and focus more on rpg non-combat skills, gameplay, and mechanics.

While this may be due somewhat to the lack of documentation with respect to gamepad usage (took me quite along while to a) figure out and b) get somewhat comfortable with layout), but it almost seems as if combat is stiffer and more arbitrary here than in first templar.

While I love the dark eye progression system, there take on it here seems somewhat simplified. Underneath, it is also very similar to the one in First templar (which I arguably like more at least in terms of progression options). If you take out the non-combat skill aspect, the ability trees are very limited in comparison.

I still expect to enjoy the game and am not upset for purchasing it, I was just surprised at how much it seems to be an iterative translation of their earlier game.

BTW I would recommend gamepad as it makes combat less stilted but just plan on taking some time to get acclimated.
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