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October 27th, 2013, 08:27
Well, keep at it.

Getting over the learning curve feels pretty rewarding in itself, although the true reward is becoming comfortable enough to explore the great level design without feeling the need to tiptoe around and rush to the next bonfire

And on that note, my only non spoiler tip would be to explore thoroughly, especially dead-end seeming spaces for hidden passages.

Imagine my surprise when I reached the final Boss at around hour 60 and level 99. That just couldn't be right! So (as I was in no way ready to give up on the game yet) I went back to a certain trap filled fortress and discovered a boatload of goodies I missed in the first time I rushed through it. And also to a certain swampy area and discovered that I somehow missed a whole chunk and a couple of areas worth of content I sure did stuff on a crazy out of order way this playthrough…Now on around hour 70 I am prepared to wrap this up finally, but I am already planing my next three replays or so

I think I'll do a sort of cleric/mage/pyromancer/warrior sort for my next one (probably in a few months from now, definitely after Deus X DC at any rate), that ought to be grueling
Then I 'll probably try NG+ with my Warrior of sunlight knight and the tbd guy at least once (not 100% sure)…

And there is also DSII to look forward too, lots of dying in my future
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