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October 29th, 2013, 00:04
Originally Posted by Carnifex View Post
Wow……the combat in Risen 2 is quite awful, I honestly don't recall it being this poor in Risen 1. I've gone back to M&M 3 now, lol…..at least I only spent 7 bucks on Risen 2.
Yes I got Risen 1&2 in the recent Steam sale. Started playing Risen 1 and was underwhelmed. My problem is that I only play mage characters, and in Risen 1 it sucks. First, I had to play like 10 hours to actually finally become a mage. And then, it's such a weak option compared to melee (probably also archery). After finally getting my spells and increasing my fireball to level 4, went out to test, and awesome! instakilled the first moth I saw, then the 2nd one. A couple of wolves later I was out of mana… 4 or 5 casts. No problem I thought, I remember a barrel with water near here… Nope, it only heals your health, not your mana. Also, all those little spells I found that I thought, once I became I mage, I would be able to cast instead of using scrolls…. nope, at least not in the beginning (and then why would I use my precious little mana on that without easy recovery).

I hope casting got better in Risen 2, if not, wasted money.
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