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October 29th, 2013, 09:43

So to speak, this product is not yet a game. It comes with a lot of things to do, but things are done because there are available and not decided as consequences of game mechanics. To keep in mind when reading the following.

The big newly introduced feature is the possibility of shooting efficiently. This introduction allowed to test certain gameplay sequence.

I sticked to the idea that the major difference between ranged combat and melee combat will come as contamination risks.
Melee combat comes with the risk of being scratched or being grappled and bitten.
I assumed that scratch would mean low infection risk while bite would mean a high infection risk.
And I played as if it was implemented.

Shooting gives a perspective on the zombie threat: engaging zombies safely is the point. It opens up a whole new range of tactics. All sorts of items to lure zombies are provided. They can be manufactured if the base is upgraded accordingly.

For example: when clearing a house before searching it, you might want to lure the zombies to the front door using firecrackers, and use the front door as a bottleneck to line up zombies for easy shots as they are rushing outside.
Or you might want to lure them outside the house to enter the house by another door and clean the house of remaining zombies using a silencer.
In both cases, this buys time to search the house and loot it.

Shooting reveals how much controlling the flow of zombies could matter in the final game. Something that was not given when relying on melee combat only.

Attracting zombies, deciding when and where to engage is potentially relevant.

Another potential feature shining through: how fast things can turn sour. You might have engaged properly a group of zombies and suddenly, the situation gets out of hand. Very rare occurrences on this build but they happen.

Number of zombies: Shooting confirms that zombies will likely be much more numerous in the streets. It is possible to shoot down seven to ten zombies before they reach you.

NPCs do not shoot yet.

Cars and noise: it was there, I didnt notice. As you drive, depending on the speed and model, the car generates a noise radius. The larger, the more you attract zombies. You can drive around, avoiding to alert zombies or you can use a car to attract zombies on a spot, run away and forfeit the car.
Of course, it is much easier to achieve that with a controller. With a key board, it is possible to stabilize the speed of a car by typing a key but still smoother with a controller.

Cars and speed: using different models, so far, bonuses only were exhibited. Using sports cars for example means you are on location very fast and opens the possibility of speedy completion that offers a bonus in trust.

Survivors communauties:
A lot of features look as planned on the way to manage your own communauty (like a kind of vote system possibly on loot, runs etc…)
And there are other communauties. Others these other communauties will fare is a big question. Right now, you are only informed when they loose one member or are wiped out. Noticeably, choosing to help them or not stir troubles within your own communauty.
Opportunities of trading with them is hinted but so far, it is only one way: they offer a trade, you cant offer them (each community is rich in one of important good etc…)
Waiting to see if other communauties can upgrade their base etc…

Communauties collapsing led to an unexpected outcome. Usually, in this kind of games, NPCs involved in the story line are protected from obliteration. Anticipating the same, I left a story line involved communauty without support and it was obliterated. Could open some prospects actually, as there could be factions to associate with etc…

Keyboard and mouse vs controller:
Situation is still pretty the same. You can now edit a file to customize your own configuration if you wish to. By reading that file, I learned of new moves, that pushed the balance toward use of controller.
Support of swap between controller and KB&M is officially supported.
There might be an auto targeting feature coming up. Certain skills depictions speak that way.
Same conclusion: obvious differences in performances when using a controller over KB&M but so far, the gain does not matter.

Shooting looks also like being calibrated on PC being perfect shots. It does not work toward keyboard &mouse either.


Before those upgrades, I did not experience CTDs, the fact is that I do now.
NPCs react slowly compared to previous builds. Could be damaging when wishing to evac quickly.
Some features might have been removed.
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