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October 30th, 2013, 08:17
Thank you for a very well-presented article, hitting on points I have been wondering about. I am going to wait quite a bit longer before I purchase this game, but I anticipate that I will eventually enjoy it.

"Is there any reason you should play the new game instead of the old one?"

Good question. My answer, without having played this one but having played the original a couple of times (once way back then and once about 5 years ago), is that this is something new even though it's a remake of something old. It's different and will inevitably have somethings different about it, or at least I would think that'd be the case. By contrast, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition appears to me to be the same as the original game and using the same assets, albeit with some enhancements, so I won't be playing that one even though I enjoyed the original a whole lot. This is just my view, of course.
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