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October 30th, 2013, 21:24
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
Taken from the SWTOR forums :

There are an astonishingly high number of PvP people who actually ( ! ) think like this :

I just can't do anything else but facepalm + shake my head when I read stuff like this. To me, it's like an mental illness, I'm sorry, to demand that the sun circles the earth.

Is this Capitalism thinking ? That everything should be made so that it fits the best of the best ? Or where does this way of thinking come from ? Because to me, this is just alien. I just cannot understand how someone can think like this.
To call this "Eliticism" is an understatement to me.

And worst, I fear that there might actual people in RL thinking this way !

Society has to be balanced towards the richest of the richtest yeah, right, sounds similarly stupid
It is a consequence of online gaming. Balancing has always been troublesome for video games that failed to provide rulesets that scale up and down well along with the players' skill.
Before online gaming, competitive play was expensive. Attending a three day lan was about 200 ~400 euros. Events could not be repeated.

With online gaming, it is a permanent flying circus, there is no more needs for accomodation, renting a venue etc so there is nearly prize tournaments every day.

This gave birth to a professional scene. Potentially, people are ready to pay to see excellent players. So the game must be balanced toward them.

The same spirit spreads for every game with an online version.

That is another reason why I stick to SP games whose gameplay should not require online play.
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