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October 30th, 2013, 21:33
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
Taken from the SWTOR forums :

There are an astonishingly high number of PvP people who actually ( ! ) think like this :

"The game should be balanced around the best players"

I just can't do anything else but facepalm + shake my head when I read stuff like this. To me, it's like an mental illness, I'm sorry, to demand that the sun circles the earth.

Is this Capitalism thinking ? That everything should be made so that it fits the best of the best ? Or where does this way of thinking come from ? Because to me, this is just alien. I just cannot understand how someone can think like this.
To call this "Eliticism" is an understatement to me.

And worst, I fear that there might actual people in RL thinking this way !

Society has to be balanced towards the richest of the richtest yeah, right, sounds similarly stupid
lol dude…

You can't balance two classes by having two players of vastly different skill level compete. Likewise, if the players are not "the best" and therefore don't know how to play their class to its fullest potential you won't get a clear representation of class balance either.

What you want are two players of equal skill who know how to get 100% out of their class and are therefore considered the best.

This is a perfectly reasonable and obvious statement to make. What on earth are you carrying on about!? xD
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