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October 30th, 2013, 23:24
Originally Posted by Carnifex View Post
Quite serious, actually. I've sparred in boxing for close to 30 yrs and fenced for almost 25, so I get the sense of competing against someone else. I just never understood it as an online function. I certainly didn't mean assaulting someone, what kind of moron would do that, or even contemplate it? Believe me, at my gym there are usually a few guys that'll step into the ring with anyone, or wrestle/fence.
Ahhh, ok, I get it. They're just play-fights that you're into But they're better than, say, a Streetfighter 4 tourny cos you actually get hit? Or is it that you like getting really physical with a strong man in a play-wrestle? Pinning him down with your strong arms, getting your face real close to his butt in some kinda lock?

I'll tell you, shit can get very real playing games. I almost got stabbed by asians playing Streetfighter 2 arcades in the city for kicking some drug dealers ass repeatedly with what he thought was a bullshit combo. Much more dangerous than a friendly spa with the local steroid pumping beefcakes.

I think maybe you just don't pvp cos you suck at games? How's that assault looking now? Bet you wanna pin me down and smell my deodorant, don't ya!

Edit: Hey, I got a good one. Why pvp online? So you don't have to smell peoples fucking feet!
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