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October 31st, 2013, 03:50
Well this is looking good. Thanks for stopping by Guido and updating us. I don't think I will have any issue backing this one mostly on reputation as well as just the general feature set that we have seen so far. Ultimately its going to come down to is it enough for everyone else.

I think the PR blitz but stopping by sites like us and RPGCodex as well as the advanced notice all are definitely the right strategy and should maximize the success prospects. A lot of projects get the buzz too late to make them successful and it seems like a majority of video game success on kickstarter is determined by the first couple of days so if you falter there then it all kind of peters out.

Anyway, not really crazy about the name or the logo but then I almost didn't buy Planescape back in the day due to the box art and would have totally regretted that decision.

Edit: Just read A look at the focus group results and Deathfire’s final title and at least understand why you choose it. I definitely fall into the camp where Deathfire == Action-RPG or just action or something and Ruins of Nethermore as more interesting but probably a little too much.

Screenshots here and here
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