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Default Sagas won't be used for earning TR hearts

October 31st, 2013, 10:05
Jo & I were checking the forums tonight & found the following:

Posted by Vargouille (dev) on the forums on the 29th:

"Thanks to your feedback, we’ve revised our initial plans on how Hearts of Wood can be earned through gameplay. We’re leaving Heroic True Hearts of Wood untouched, still available through Tokens of the Twelve. Iconic and Epic Hearts of Wood are still obtained through Commendations of Valor, but we’re moving Commendations out of Saga rewards and into the end reward lists for all Epic quests."

You can read the full post with additional details, & responses, at:


Also, there was apparently a podcast where the devs (Glin, Tolero, and Cordovan) talked about all this … it's rather long, so it's been summarized in the following post by SiliconScout:


A couple of interesting points in the summary were that the devs:
  • overestimated popularity of SAGA's did not delve deep to see if they were actually being completed
  • from their perspective heroic tr is somewhat broken, happy that players don't appear to think so
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