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October 31st, 2013, 09:29
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
lol dude…

You can't balance two classes by having two players of vastly different skill level compete. Likewise, if the players are not "the best" and therefore don't know how to play their class to its fullest potential you won't get a clear representation of class balance either.

What you want are two players of equal skill who know how to get 100% out of their class and are therefore considered the best.

This is a perfectly reasonable and obvious statement to make. What on earth are you carrying on about!? xD
If reasonable is doing this that cant work, then it is reasonable.

It cant work in video gaming. Video games are played through proxies (avatars)
Such it is hard to determine when players of different classes/avatars… are of equal skill.

Reciprocally, two avatars etc could be balanced but one avatar requiring more skills than another. Therefore imbalance must be introduce in order to make up for the higher skill requirement.

The impossibility to balance a game regardless of the players'skill, that is providing a ruleset hanging on by itself follows.

Playing through avatar adds a layer hard to manage and makes balancing an endless, impossible to fulfill promise.

Balancing toward the best is going to be the norm for any game that comes with a professional scene. Not because the best allows balancing, they do not. But because they are potentially a source of revenues.
What matters in this configuration is that players who are involved in a paid scheme (watching them play makes money) delivers a show that spurs sales.
If for any reason, one avatar set is not supported by a talented pool of players, leading that avatar set to be under-represented in tournament resluts, that could lead to a decrease in sales as potential buyers wanting to play that avatar set are not going to play it. Hence the game must be imbalanced toward that particular avatar set to boost sales.
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