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October 31st, 2013, 21:59
First impressions from first hour - it's still the purest, uncut RPG dna and a huge welcome break from all the reflex action cinematic stuff that's piped to us all year round ad nauseum.

The look is a lot fresher and seems higher res, the sound feels less cheap and will probably not result in immediately hitting mute when it loads.

The game no longer assumes familiarity with RPGs or Spiderweb stuff, so there is a tutorial. If I were being unkind, I'd say it was a bit 'baby-first' (my grandmother could do "normal" on the first map) but I guess if it stops people from putting it onto their dreaded 'backlog list' of death after the first 5 minutes, I'm prepared to accept it as a 'good thing'.
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