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November 1st, 2013, 09:28
"It is hard to determine when players are of equal skills"

No, the problem is not like that.

Usually, when measuring things, everything else is made equal (this means, by the way, that measurement tools are conceived independently of the quantities they measure)

For video gaming

How to determine players' relative skills? By getting them to play the game.

How to conceive a measurement tool (game) that is proper to measure skills? By getting it played by players of equal skills.

Loop: producing a proper measurement tool, players of equal skills are required. To determine the skills of players, they must be measured by playing the game. Rather to difficult to bypass.

Another problem: video games are also designed to return outcomes as: winner/loser.

By design, there cant be draws. One must win or lose.
Yet the expected returned result for players of equal skills is not either winner or loser but draw.
And the measurement tool does not allow that result to be returned.
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