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November 1st, 2013, 11:19
Originally Posted by SkeleTony View Post
Disagree heartily. For starters your whole argument is based off of 'What if this were real life and not a game at all? Then monsters could duck under the Paladin's sword and smash the Mage!' which is absurd. I should hope that strategy and tactical games (including RPGs which are squad based tactical simulator games) never become such a mess.
No, I'm not talking from a simulationist POV. I'm talking about games where you can bait monsters with certain characters although they have the room to navigate to get at your less protected members who possibly deal them more damage. It goes against the logic of the game for the sake of validating formations. Bad choice IMO.

You can skip this problem but then things get like they were in Wiz8. That game is basically a cliff hugging simulator. The single best choice for standing ground is usually tucked away in some niche where only one enemy can get at you at a time.




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