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November 1st, 2013, 14:23
Originally Posted by ProphetSword View Post
So, here's a few questions for everyone out there:

1) What do you feel is most important in a CRPG to help draw you in? The look and feel of the graphics or the narrative style and gameplay?

2) What options do you prefer in tactical combat?

3) If a game like this was successful and you enjoyed it, how likely would be you be to invest in a Kickstarter for a sequel or follow-up to the game?
1) Perhaps some intriguing plot developments at the beginning that draw you into the world and plot as in say crusaders and many other good games. From a graphics POV, helps if they are clean and atmospheric, but I don't expect CRY engine or whatever. Am very put off by poorly implemented and/or cumbersome UIs and controls and by restricted view angles as in many recent games (eg Legends of Dawn).

2) Could write a WOT about this, but would be good if different party members have genuinely different options.

3) Certainly, I do sometimes wonder though whether it's feasible for small indie devs to release decent RPGs that aren't very linear. Recent results in that respect haven't been very promising or timely.
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