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November 1st, 2013, 16:08
My personal view is that from the bottom upwards to the top. Call me a commie if you want to, but I'm always looking at things from the sheep's point of view.

Therefore, I'd rather like to see a game to be balanced so that people can have a good, healthy starter position against others.

In SWTOR, there's a thing called "Expertise" built-in. It's a part of PvP armor, and it both ( ! ) a) reduced the damage taked + b) increases the damage produced. Both at the same time.

This, those who are at the top of this "gear race" are benefiting from both - and this is - in my opinion - an huge drawback for casual gamers.

They have been helped by an measuring system called "Bolster". It takes item stats and pushes them so high that PvE players get an reasonably good starting position - with the pure PvP gear still being much better.

Me, I don't want a) PvP to be dominated by he profesionals alone. I want everyone to have some fun there, not just the elitists.

And that's why I'm positive towards balancing games so that even casuals and thise not being the best of the best stand/have a chance - and won't become cannon fodder.

And b) I just don't want PvP to become eSports. People in the PvP scene there have already expressed that they'd like to have that - but in the end - and this is my biggest gripe here - it creates a "closed circle" of people who are monopolizing a portion of the game just for themselves. Epeen and such. Elitists reassuring each others that they are indeed elitists.

In PvE, there is a similar thing, although I - personally - don't view it as such an massive danger yet : It's the "Progress groups". Those who cry out "First !" when it comes to "content clearing". It's like defloration of game content - and then bragging about it, world-wide. "I have been in that guild that did it."

This is an reputation-thing, too, just like with eSports : Names get known. Everyone bows before the Mighty Master.

And money is spent. Of course, eSports has become a business. Money's going round. LOTS of money.

But basically, this business is not only exploiting something - it's ruining it.
It's as if you had a small path for walking around a near lake, you really love it to walk there, because of the landscape, it's easy and refreshing to walk there …
But you see an increasing numbr of joggers and runners there, doing thir sports training there.
Then, at one point, they - these runners - decide tht this walking path was perfect for them. They decide to make a running course out of it. Maybe for Marathon, maybe for something else, but for sports all in all.
They begin to reshape this walking path. The walking path gets fixed by workers, thy put stone plates on it, or tar to get it into a shape for the runners. So that they can run much better there now.
And then, the number of runners there increases. More and more get there. It becomes louder, too.
And then the animals flee. It gets too much for them. The first cabins selling water, towels and snacks and so on arrive.
Everything is made so that this what once was a nice and cosy walking path becomes a racing arena. At one point, even car racers might learn of this place, and they might even decide that it is a good course for them, too. So the runner's course get's plastered so that it can carry the eight of karts, and later even of racing cars.
It becomes loud when the racing cars go there with their highest speed. The animals have long gone, the water becomes mucky, bown and unhealthy, gas has been flowing into it from leaks. Gas stations have arrived, selling what they are used to sell.
Spectator seats are built up. Someone has had the idea to let spectators watch these cars. There's money in it. Races can become a show. People want to be entertained. There's prozes ahead. Who will be the fastest racer ?

In the end, what once was a nice and cosy walking park has become an racing arena. The water has been drained of sucked off the lake, there are buildings dominating the scenery. Nature has long gone.

The joggers/runners are long gone, they have found themselves another place, staring this vicious circle again.

After a few hundred of years, the racing arena lies broken in ruins. Racing isn't fashionable anymore. People have moved elsewhere. Towards new sorts/forms of sports.

It is raining. The water is splashing down between the defunct building with their broken roofs, the water has been worndown, the outcries of the spectators have long vanished. As does the noise from the racing cars. They're long gone.

The dripply-drop of the falling water forms a small pool. Insects are walking and running around here. A small snail is moving along the border of the pool. A few plants are standing thre. They don't get much light from between the toweing buildings, but enough is enough.

They are growing within the cracks of the tar, the cracks between the stone plates, on the buildings and on the cracking remains of what once was an racing arena.

Over the years, the pool is slowly but steadily growing. Insects are there, and the first birds have arrived to snatch them from the ground, which is now covered by a thin layer of grass which is growing from the cracks all over the place. Snails are feeding from the plants growing everywhere now, and there are noises like howling wind, insects, and birds contribute.

The first small bushes have arrived, grown, and the first small tree is trying to break through an building's stone.

One day, the defunct buildings are torn down. Which creates lots of ittitation among the birds, insects & plants.
But some weird people have remembered that there was once a small lake, they have found it on yellowed maps, and they have decided to give this place a face again.
They are making it green, again.

They put back relatives of those plants and animals that were once at home there. They fill the lake with water again. They pust fishes into it again.

At one point, they dream, someone might perhaps decide to take a walk around this lake, some time in the distant future …

And this time, they have learned.

And this is why I don't like professional eSports. It destroys everything.
Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. (E.F.Schumacher, Economist, Source)
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