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November 1st, 2013, 17:51
Originally Posted by JonNik View Post
Were those in #1 ?

Umm, didn't find a single one of them.
I've browsed the Wiki a bit after finishing the game, Mostly to understand how Covenants work and I t has come to my attention that I probably missed lots of stuff despite putting more than 70 hours on the first play through! Brilliant

Really trying hard not to start another play through too soon but I'll probably gonna fail right around christmas…

The only question is NG+ with the Knight or new game with a magic user… Hmm…

Edit: Wait are those Special per retailer items?
Shame if so ?
Yeah, they're retailer specific pre-order bonus' for people in Japan. I hate stuff like that!

Leave me wondering if that means 10 items have been removed from the game with the hope that some people in Japan will buy 5 copies…

Does it mean that there are 10 items missing from the North American release or are they still working out the retailers? Even if these items were never placed in the world they COULD have been.

Is this a sign of overpowered microtransaction DLC weapon packs?

The brand is established pretty well so maybe it's time to over monetize it?

Will they be items the play starts with making them overpowered?

I'm sure the pirate copy will be cracked to include all the pre-order bonus', as always.

The only question is NG+ with the Knight or new game with a magic user… Hmm…
new magic user!
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