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Default The Mandate - Update #12. Steam Greenlit & Lore

November 1st, 2013, 18:13
Perihelion Interactive posted another update forThe Mandate with news about Steam Greenlit, and the games Lore.

Steam Greenlit + important lore update

Hello backers! You've been reading and enjoying Empress Anastasia's Twitter feed, and recently Anastasia introduced us to admiral Suvarov. We feel now is the right time to introduce you to him, as he is a major character in The Mandate lore. Click here to read about Lord High Admiral Suvarov. He is based on both fictional and historical sources and visually Suvarov is inspired by among others Peter Cushing (as Grand Moff Tarkin). However, personality-wise the two are very different. Especially Russian backers may recognize and associate with the name Suvarov, however, unlike Anastasia he is not from the House of Romanov. Later in the campaign we will share details on who exactly will voice this character and we think you will be positively surprised!

In other news, a thank-you is in order, because we have been successfully Greenlit on Steam! That means we can confirm worldwide distribution through the Steam distribution platform without any hiccups, which is a huge milestone for any video game. In addition Steam has several features that will be useful for The Mandate, both in terms of mod support and adding Steam friends into your friends list. Thank you to everybody who voted for us on Steam!

We have stated previously that Kickstarter (KS) backers deserve a reward for your early support. Below is a brief overview that highlights the estimated sales price on digital platforms like Steam after The Mandate launches:

  • Warrant Officer: KS $20, Digital Distribution $30
  • Cossack Cornet: KS $30, Digital Distribution $40
  • Ensign: KS $40, Digital Distribution $55
  • Cossack Captain: KS $75, Digital Distribution $100
The design tiers that let players put their mark on the game are only available via Kickstarter and PayPal for backers who help donate $100 or more. We'll discuss the official Stretch Goals next week, after reading many of your suggestions on the forum. Keep them coming right through to the end of the campaign, as we won't be revealing all of the Stretch Goals immediately. We'll also be discussing DRM in more depth, and we're eager to read your feedback and suggestions on that also.
More information.
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