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November 1st, 2013, 19:26
Yeah, there's no easy solution. I guess if you want your measurement tool to give you good statistics you just need a lot of sample data. Trends will appear, they can be discussed internally and with experienced players. Good developers are always listening and discerning of what they hear too.
I'm sure there's not point mentioning a draw would be possible if an even number of battles were played, rather than the odd number of rounds standing in fighting games.

@Alrik Fassbauer

What a creative metaphor!

There are always going to be "elitists" in games. Always have been. Every time a new game comes out someone gets to max level in a day or so playing efficiantly and non-stop. That's how they enjoy the game. Everyone plays differently and at their own pace. Someone has to be first.

I don't see how enthusiasts "monopolize" anything? Is the server always full and you can't get in? Do you want a sort of "casual gamers only!" server? I think most mmorpgs have PvP and non-pvp servers, and sometimes Roleplaying ones too.

I think maybe the main problems here are
a) SWTOR is shit
b) MMORPG pvp being dominated by people with more time to farm gear.

and my response to this is
a) So I hear, but I never played it.
b) For sure.

Guildwars 2 is the best example I can think of for fair MMORPG PvP.
In GW2 when you enter the PvP hub you instantly change to max level and can access the best gear, without any price and switch them around as you like. You can even go in there at level 2 and build your fully decked out level 60, so you can start as, say, a warrior, then decide you want to be a ranger and get back into end game PvP in a few minutes! In the Realm VS Realm combat where whole servers fight against whole servers you still use your singleplayer items and skills, but you're scaled up to max level.
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