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November 2nd, 2013, 00:30
Originally Posted by ProphetSword View Post
So, here's a few questions for everyone out there:

1) What do you feel is most important in a CRPG to help draw you in? The look and feel of the graphics or the narrative style and gameplay?

2) What options do you prefer in tactical combat?

3) If a game like this was successful and you enjoyed it, how likely would be you be to invest in a Kickstarter for a sequel or follow-up to the game?
1) Character creation and progression, hands down. You seem to be on the right track there considering the different classes as well as traits or perks. It's always good to have a nice selection of these offering bonuses that are not necessarily an obvious choice, from greater carrying capacity to saving throw bonuses against disease or the ability to skin monsters for hides. Anything that adds to the idea that the character you created is both unique and adapted to the world he lives in.

2) That actually made me think hard. Turn based is great for the planning it provides but also simply for the time you can spend on every single decision. Therefore, I like it if I can take more than one action per character per round. This is very rarely done in party based games though. At least, it would be nice to have something like, in D&D terms, one full-round action (like attacking or casting a spell) and one standard action (like using an item or assuming a defensive stance) per round.

3) My good man, I'm willing to throw my money at you even if you take this baby to Kickstarter right away.




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