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November 2nd, 2013, 08:19
Found it to be a fun little game for the first half or so but it becomes very repetative and easy after that.
I was using the exact same "tactic" on 90% of the fights and was usually fighting the same types of enemies over and over.
With 4 powers per character tactical options are rather limited and boss fights never got more involved then knowing when to move in or out of something.
It is basically a hack and slash with some tactics thrown in where single mob pack takes about 5 minutes (never actually timed it but feels like ages).
The story is utterly uninspired and at no point did i care about it or the characters i was playing.
Still there are not alot of options in this genre atm so if you are hankering for some top down isometric rtwp action it is worth picking up.
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