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November 2nd, 2013, 15:33
Many games I wait for sales but there are a few games I buy at full price because I like the companies and I can afford it. I purchased Witcher 2 at full price and will likely do so with Witcher 3. Why? Because they do a really good job supporting the games after they have been released and I mostly like the games. The same is also true with larian (even though I had my doubts about DC; and I still think it is a rather poor game - though DKS was fantastic and I expect well of DOS). Trumph studio is another (AOW3). When it comes to major publishers (EA, UBI, …) I frequently avoid the games even if I think they might be fun or wait till they are deeply discounted. Why? The hassle of forcing me to use THEIR specific site (origin, uplay, …) the frequent lack of updates, the excessive spending on advertising and execs rather than the game itself and the fact that MANAGEMENT will make bad decisions or force studios to do things they are likely to fail at and then PUNISH (i.e, close down) the studios when they fail. Anyway one great thing steam has done (I know it is a form of drm) is it allows small studio to easily self publish.
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