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November 2nd, 2013, 16:24
All I know is I've bought DRMfree TW2 on GOG when it was out (TW1 was retail with a key so it wasn't DRMfree initially, but they made it noDRM by allowing a backup copy on GOG).
And I'll buy DRMfree TW3 too. That game, just like previous ones, comes with free DLC. And nongaming freebies. Digital ones ofc, then again I don't care for cloth and rags.

And if they catch someone pirating such game, I'll join the front row of the lynch mob. Sorry guys, although thievery is a part of a society, although pirates will always exist, there should be some ethics code not to pirate just anything. Go pirate things like Sims DLC crap if you're a clepto, but please leave CDpr alone.

Should I mention that TW1/2 are on sales frequently and now cost just a few bucks (currently on GMG) unlike some EA crap that remains overexpensive 5 years after it was released? Can't understand how someone can feel no remorse stealing TW games.
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