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November 2nd, 2013, 20:12
Well, to me having the ability to have movable items and general housing can transfer over to just about every other aspect in the game as well. Just because it is useable in the housing portion doesn't mean you can't use that same freedom in dungeons.

This was done to a large extent in U7, which many of you seem to forget. Many dungeons and places had extremely moveable objects, which allows for a large amount of immersion in the world.

To me, having the ability to move everything is pretty awesome. It was a loved feature in the older ultima games. Why anyone would think a static background is better is beyond me, perhaps because the majority of the RPG's we play nowaday's do that do to t he fact it is a lot easier to implement.

I guess all I'm saying is some of you keep sticking to your guns that it's all about microtransactions and player housing. When you are provided with more information that dispells that, you ignore it. I'm all for large towns with lots going on and movable objects etc etc etc….
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