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November 2nd, 2013, 22:05
Originally Posted by khaight View Post
Yep. Theft is theft. I have a problem when companies treat me like a criminal because I'm not one. I have no problem when they treat actual criminals like criminals. That said, they do still face the burden of proof — you don't get to treat someone like a criminal unless you can prove they are one.
The thing about theft is when something is stolen from you you no longer have it. When someone makes a copy there is just another copy. There is no "harm or loss" done to anybody that isn't speculative potential sales loss. eg. "oh, she showed interest by downloading a copy, so obviously that's a lost sale.", This is non-sense.

As the video says, "some people treat it like a trial, some people just can't afford the full price and, ultimately, if these people are treated right they'll want to support the game and buy it one day at a reduced price", or get onboard at the sequel.

As the video says, piracy is just part of the industry. It always has been and there's never an increase in piracy that is unaccompanied by an increase in game sales! Publishers know this, but they don't talk about it to the dumb public. Do you think people don't pirate Call of Duty? Is that why it makes billions?

Fact is, there is no way of measuring the damage that would be done to the industry as a whole if people couldn't pirate games and got burned one too many times buying something they hate, deciding gaming was taking them for a ride and being done with it. Or if children couldn't be hooked early, like smokers.

It's up to you if you want to buy a game or not and you should have every tool available to you to decide, especially the game in question! If you want you could buy the game, play it and return it? Same with any item? That's consumer law; that's your right! Personally, I've got about $300 of games pre-ordered that I know I want, but I'd have no issue trying them out first if I was unsure that I actually wanted them. Be that at a friends house, in a store on a trial system, from a bias demo/trial version, BETA test, etc, etc.

I support games after they've proven themselves to be good. I don't offer my money to find out if a game is good! Fact is, if I'm trying your game out you're one of the few lucky ones that piqued my interest, because most wouldn't even get a second glance, let alone a pirate. In this age of ever higher quality free2play games this couldn't be more true!

It's like the pirates have always said…
"Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!"
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