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November 3rd, 2013, 14:29
Am I the only one who considers theft of intellectual property far worse than theft of material things?

I guess it is very difficult to explain how losing ownership and authorship over something you created is a terrible thing to people who are not themselves creators. And not necessarily because of losing money (or not getting potential money), but because of losing creative agency and control over your work.

I do amateur acting (not professional, as in, not for money). Few years back one of our shows got ripped off practically 100% by another amateur company. There's no money involved. Yet it hurt more than anything else that has ever been stolen form me.

When you put effort and creativity into something, and it gets stolen and is used without your consent, is a crime and a lowly thing to do. Same thing goes for pirated games, too, as most devs feel the games are their own creation, and they gave their best to create it. Whether we like a game or not is of no consequence in this matter.

Nobody is entitled to computer games. If you want to check if a game is good enough for you to pay for, check a demo, read reviews you can trust, check out gameplay vids.
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