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November 3rd, 2013, 17:09
Reywind, if you can make time, please solo the Desert explorers and the Chamber of Rahmat (Desert lvl10 walkup). You should have no trouble blasting thru that stuff on your own.

If he can get caught up, here's our upcoming agenda:
Threnal: East3, South1-3, Outdoor minis1-3
Take level 13
Desert stuff
6 House quests, we'll see how many we need to run to keep our 3rd lifers on pace
Take level 14

Chances are we'll want to run all of those house quests. Level 12 content is fairly thin (Lordsmarch1, Cursed Crypt, finish Desert flags, Dairy Queen, Invaders) so we'll need to allow our 3rd lifers opportunity to bank up. If U20 drops in the middle of all that, all bets are off, but we'll see.

My intention is to bounce between the Desert and Necro3. Both packs have been known to "drag on" so we'll try a little variety to keep everyone awake. Aletys is on rat maze.
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