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November 4th, 2013, 09:13
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
Yes the topic is formations. Take the formations out of Wiz8 in favor of a style la Might & Magic or even old JRPG's, and you wouldn't have lost much. What you would have lost is the silly way of moving about in Wiz8's monster infested areas. Formations are a nice idea but then again not (due to the few characters you control). What I'd at least like to see, if there are formations, is a more dynamic way of using them. Say, changing your formation several times over the course of one combat. In the CRPG's I've played this was never necessary. In the IE games you know what kind of positions the enemy occupies (either through metagame knowledge or scouting) and you can take up an effective formation and stick with it for pretty much the entire combat. In Wiz8 my formation often only changed like once per region if at all (it had more to do with finding a formation that goes well with your party setup).
Disagree with pretty much everything you said here but it does not look like we are going to agree on this no matter what. Some of what you wrote I can't make out at all ("due to the the FEW characters you control…", in Wizardry 8?).
How would changing formations several times per battle add anything to the game? How could the game not lose a lot by switching to a JRPG system?!

Anyway I have said my piece and barring any new arguments/evidence I will stick with it.
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