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November 4th, 2013, 14:01
The conclusion is off. Crowdfunding as a funding method comes with a price.

It is quite hard not to sell money at a promise rather than reality in a crowdfunding process because it is what it is all about.

All this crowdfuning thing puts in front the importance of a publisher as a screener.

Crowdfuning methods are sales of concept and select efficient sellers of concepts. An actual delivery on the concept is absolutely secondary.

In video gaming, it ranges from seasoned programers who keep selling the same very formated games they are sure they are able to implement because they have already done in the past to unexperienced developpers who have the technical skills to assemble an engine (or know how to use a pre assembled engine) but know nothing about gameplay demands and use crowfunding to subsidize their learning process.
As a sidenote, it was thought that the availabity of ready to use engines would allow programmers to focus on the core of a game: the gameplay but nothing of the sort actually.

In board gaming or associated, the situation is certainly worse. For two reasons: the selling of a new concept through a new crowfunding campaign is so enticing developpers do not bother to finish, correct, or fix their previous release. Yout bought a game, it is yours (until you decide to alter it and sell it, at this point, you are sued for intellectual property infringement), so it is up to you to fix a broken gameplay or even design a gameplay. Classical answer given by board games developpers. After release, no monitoring and integration of players' feedback as game developpers are already involved in preparing the next project, marketing the next concept to sell that will be de facto profitable if funded.
The second reason is that board gaming comes with a second hand market and the way crowfunding is done attracted speculators that have no interest in gaming but sniffed the good opportunity to make an easy return.
Usually, crowdfunding projects aer delivered to their backers before theyare distributed through other channels. it opens a window for speculators to resell immediately theirs orders. As usually, crowdfunding offers a discount price compared to the shop price, it is always profitable and can run to 200% profits. I know a couple of people who are now used to invest 1000~1500 Ä in KS in order to get a low risk return.

Crowdfuniding shifts the burden of the risk. Publsihers used to take part of the risk.

The few good games I played that came from crowdfuning methods were most of the times okayed by publishers but chose to go the way of crowdfunding.
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