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November 4th, 2013, 23:25
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
You hope right.

After sakichop's post in let's slap and not provide info tone, I've googled and found out that in this case Microsoft for whatever reason copied Apple's AppStore scheme where if you want to install 8.1 you have to got into Windows store instead of Windows updates - means it won't install automatically.
Not only that but unlike good old servicepacks, you can't set 8.1 to install automatically by any means, you're forced to run it manually.

Not that I care much, as I've said, I don't want win8.
Sorry, didn't mean to make you google something so you actually knew what you were posting about.

Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
Also, on a related note, I look very forward to seeing AMDs Mantle API benchmarks compared with DX11! That said, I've always been an Nvidia user and love my non-ref GTX680
Well, Xbox one and ps4 don't support mantle, so I'm guessing we will be seeing a number of games with DX11.2 since most games will be console ports.

I understand MS not wanting mantle support since it would compete with DirectX and a low level API like mantle will blow away a high level API like directx, but I'm not sure why Sony wouldn't want the advantages of using mantle.
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