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November 6th, 2013, 02:54
Originally Posted by Dez View Post
The melee system looks quite fun. You need to have proper sword hit sounds though, like when a sword hits armor / shield

I noticed that in few videos main character was throwing some fireballs, what kind of other spells are there? how complex is the magic system?

What about ranged combat? (bow, xbow, spears etc)
Thanks! The melee system is feeling good now, but is still very far from done. And yeah, we are certainly lacking in sound effects and such right now.

We only have two fire spells in right now, and our magic system is pretty shallow at present. But the lore is that people find a shard that has the blood (or essence) of something inside of it. For instance, you might find a “fire blood” shard. The player then places this shard into his wrist and the essence from the blood shard mixes with the blood of the player and he is able to produce fire magic. After using a spell in a certain shard for a time, that spell is "memorized" and the shard is no longer required to cast the spell. Here are some in-engine previews of what shards currently look like:

We are working on some lightning spells right now, as well as some "utility" spells (phase, blink, etc). We should have a big spell update coming in a few weeks here, probably after our kickstarter launches.
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