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November 6th, 2013, 04:13
Yeah, we definitely don't want old spells to become worthless, they will get better with you (there wont be a bunch of different versions of fireball). Also, one thing I forgot to mention, is that there wont be a mana bar, but you will have a "resistance" bar. Basically, as you cast a spell, your resistance bar fills up, and if it fills all the way, you can keep casting, but it will start damaging you. As you cast certain spells, you will become more resistant to that spell, and be able to cast it more without your resistance going up so fast. You will get better in a cascading fashion, if you cast "fireball" a lot, you will become greatly resistant to that spell, more resistant to fire spells in general (to a lesser extent), and more resistant to all spells to an even lesser extent.
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