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November 6th, 2013, 18:23
Well, I spent two evenings downloading and installing (and testing) mods with NMM and to my surprise it went fairly smoothly. I did have my struggles with some of the mods, of course, like with the Immersive HUD, it just wouldn't work right no matter what I tried, but in the end the whole process went easier than I expected (have some baaad memories of modding Morrowind way back when). Tonight I'll finally get my modded playthrough started!

Did you guys throttle down XP gain? If so, by how much? I went with 65% (75% by PN and 'Skilled' perk's -10%).

Originally Posted by Drithius
Some of the rebalancing is covered by Project Nevada, while some (the copious amount of perks) I wouldn't really be able to fit into a character.
Even if CCO should play nice with PN and its VATS changes are very good (and the follower tweaks, etc.), I went with just PN in the end. The rebalancing done by PN is more than enough, I think. Yeah, the perk overkill of CCO is quite severe, I admit.

Originally Posted by Thrasher
The calculations for damage resistance don't make much sense to me though. Treating a modified damage threshold as a percentage for resistance sounds wrong.
Why so? It's basically just 'heavier armor gives better protection'. I guess doing it as a calculation based on DT was a lot easier and faster, than assigning DR values by hand. Maybe not ideal, but serviceable, IMO.
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