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November 7th, 2013, 01:57
Saw this earlier and was about to pull the trigger but after reading there FAQ I'm not so sure about it.

These concerned me :

"Why is there no 360 camera?
We wanted to keep interaction in towns simple, without too much time going into the search of certain characters or dialogue partners. On the battlefield, this also contributes to a fast paced gameplay with good navigation. However, you can still tilt the camera in different angles for an optimized view.

Why do piles of crates and barrels always fall into a certain direction?
Piles are placed in certain strategic areas. If they'd fall randomly, they'd probably impair a maps intended design.

Why can't I declare an attack by clicking a portrait?
The portraits are useful for showing initiative sequences, but are not suitable to display complex tactical situations. Declaring actions by relying on portraits could result in pretty frustrating mistakes.

Why are there no flanking modifiers and why can you parry attacks from behind?
We experimented with a flanking system, but ultimately, we ditched it. It would've caused unwanted 'tactical' patterns, having players running around enemies every turn just to get a flanking bonus/backstab.

Why aren't there more character customization options?
Character creation was made deliberately simple to ensure a quick access to the actual game. You can freely skill and level up your character. You can decide which spells, skills and attributes you favor. The only preset you have to choose is a character type at the game's beginning."

None of these are really deal breakers but it has put me on the fence as to wether or not I want to try it now or wait for someone else to take the plunge and provide feedback.
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