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November 7th, 2013, 02:47
Originally Posted by cozzbp View Post
We only have two fire spells in right now, and our magic system is pretty shallow at present. But the lore is that people find a shard that has the blood (or essence) of something inside of it. For instance, you might find a “fire blood” shard. The player then places this shard into his wrist and the essence from the blood shard mixes with the blood of the player and he is able to produce fire magic. After using a spell in a certain shard for a time, that spell is "memorized" and the shard is no longer required to cast the spell.

We are working on some lightning spells right now, as well as some "utility" spells (phase, blink, etc). We should have a big spell update coming in a few weeks here, probably after our kickstarter launches.
Thanks for the info

All that sounds actually quite orginal. I can see tons of potential there. That kind of magic system seems very intuitive to new player: you'll get better simply by casting spells and finding new shards.

Btw If you're going to have lightning, you need some cool ice spells too. And play with elemental weaknesses. Like some enmies being resistant to fire etc Maybe allow player to set stuff on fire, freeze ground/water, use water to empower lightning and so forth

And I concur what Crpgnut said, don't make spells that do exact same thing. If you're going to have a healing spell, let it grow more powerfull while player becomes better casting healing magic.

And i personally love those utility type spells, like open lock or protection field. Maybe something similar to force powers like push and pull enemies, jump higher, move with greater speed, better vision in the dark, absorb damage/magic and channel it towards the enemy…
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