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November 7th, 2013, 09:33
I dont know, these:

Combat is more thoughtful, even under intense pressure.

It allows greater depth of choice: you have time to explore all your options, so we can include more options, and more complicated options, without overwhelming the player.

We can adapt Wasteland 2’s combat system, modified to work best for Torment.

Companion AI becomes less necessary (you directly control each party member on their turn).
Seem pretty solid arguments and they are exactly along the lines I was thinking on.
I am hardly unbiased though in that I always prefer TB for isometric RPGs.

The main argument for me though is that they will be able to just port the Wasteland 2 system over to the game (that should be pretty solid by now) and just tweak and adapt it to Torment.

That will allow them to focus on what is really important for this game (providing the kind of complexity and reactivity they have promised that stems from the very interesting Tides system and the huge amount of writers and designers involved). Lets just face it, combat was never a highlight of the original, nor was it particularly good there. I personally don't want them to invest too much in the way of resources to it if they can use ready made systems….

Just my opinion of course. I'll be in no way perturbed if they go with RTWP and I am sure I'll enjoy the game equally, if the main elements promised are done justice. My only true requirement for this aspect (combat) is that it is not clumsy or problematic enough to hinder said enjoyment and thats it in the end
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