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November 7th, 2013, 10:26
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
I have to disagree with you on Star Wars, Dart - for me, the "naive romance" is exactly what I didn't like about Star Wars. I loved the lore, the setting, the different races and cultures, etc. But the extremely black and white morality and cliche "coming of age/young hero destined to save the world" plot took all that wonderful creativity and wasted it. Absolutely wasted it.
I'm not saying the "naive romance" is the best part about Star Wars - but that it's an integral part of it. I liked all those things you liked as well, but to change the fundamentals is to betray the source - which I don't think is appropriate.

Then again, I see Star Wars as a "fun" setting - kinda like a comic book setting. It's made up of random ideas put together by a complete hack called George Lucas. But it's his creation and his setting - and I'm the sort of person who respects the creator.

Obsidian's work on Kotor 2 - and Bioware deserves a lot of credit here as well with Kotor 1 - expanded upon the lore and told a tale that actually explored the setting as it truly deserved to be used: One full of philosophy, complicated morality, power, idealism vs. pragmatism, etc. I was always intrigued by the potential of the Star Wars setting, but I never truly felt any strong reactions to it until playing Kotor 1 and 2. Those two games still stand as two of the best crafted RPGs in terms of setting, story, and characters that I have ever played.
KotOR did it in the right way - because it keeps the naive romance and the blatant good/bad guy style - it doesn't try to make it grim and dark. Actually, I think KotOR is the perfect Star Wars story - made in the spirit of Lucas, only with more talent behind the writing.

KotOR 2 was something else - and all I can say is that I didn't like the writing much. Not necessarily bad writing (though I'm not into the pretentious and elusive style) - but certainly not what I would call Star Wars.

But, to each his own.




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