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November 8th, 2013, 14:24
So called RPGers do not want choice and consequence. They want to feel power, they want to build an avatar that matters in the gameworld.

Choice and consequence might be more easily found in games that do not advertized them openly (they do not need to advertize them because they actually include the feature) like CK2.

For RPGs, choice and consequence is just PC talk to appeal to powermongering players.


Players want meaningful choices
Players want to be reasonably informed of the consequences
Players want to always pick the right choice (and for there to be a right choice)
If players make the wrong choice they want to immediately know so they can simply reload the game


Players want powerful avatars.
Players want the actions of their avatar to impact sufficiently the gameworld they feel they are powerful.
Players want to take the option they feel to correspond the most to their idea of power
When the option they've taken does not make them feel powerful, they want to take another one because they do not want to feel weak, they want to feel powerful.

No contradction.

The problem comes from labelling something differently that it should be.

The Witcher 3 trailer (man or monster or something) supposedly represents choice and consequence, blurred morality etc when it appeals openly to the powermongering being of so called RPGs.

In this trailer, the avatar shows in all manners he is powerful.
He is not bound by his peers's code (witcher code) as the code says do not mettle.
He is not bound by the local authority of the land (de Rivia is a foreigner in a foreign land, it adds) since the woman is sentenced legally.
He is not bound by the executive powers of the soldiers that carry out the sentence.
He is not bound by chance as he keeps his sword unsheathed and disarm his opponents to kill them (he kills them because he wants to kill them, not because he engages in a fight that turns bad, being suddenly forced to kill them to save his life)

All in it reads "I am the boss, I rule, my word is the law, I do what I want because I am powerful enough, nobody can stop me"

No choice and consequence, only quest for power.
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