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November 8th, 2013, 15:27
During a brief run with Az and the ladies last night, I proposed that we ignore our Friday toons for another week (this was before the Old Man bailed, but I guess it works out) and get various toons thru at least one raid. I don't think we have much time left to qualify for a Raiders Box, so this might be an opportunity.

So, folks, your homework assignment for today is to think about which of your toons needs to run a raid and then see what each is flagged to run. Remember that Chronoscope and Tempest Spine don't count, so we're basically looking at VoN, DQ, GH, and the Shroud. Since we'll be short-manning, I'm not overly concerned about matching levels to the quest, nor within the party. Raids don't count for bravery streaks so I don't think we'll screw anyone up if (for example) Peter brings one of his epics in DQ. We'll run on normal for quick completion. This is all about getting eligible for the Box.

My status:
Bot - lvl13 - needs to run - flagged for VoN and DQ
Shadohe - lvl16 - needs to run - flagged for Von, DQ, one flag short on GH
RhoGu - lvl19 - already qualified - flagged for all 4
Phuury - lvl24 - already qualified, I think - flagged for all sorts of junk
Klubbir - lvl12 - we won't screw with our Friday toons
Wouldii - lvl5 - already qualified via TR

Given the ridiculous length of VoN5/6, I think we ought to focus on DQ for our lower level toons and probably Shroud our upper levels. I've got no problem running RhoGu and/or Phuury to help others even if those toons don't need it, but obviously I'd rather hit Bot and Shadohe first.

edit- upon further review, the other way to qualify for the Raiders Box is if you have TR'd since U19 hit so those of us with low level toons from recent TRs are good to go.
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