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Default finished the game…mini-review

November 9th, 2013, 02:54
I just finished the game. It took slightly over 14 hours. All in all, it was quite a fun experience.

+ minimalistic but charming/unique presentation (perfect example of less-is-more philosophy)
+ surprising amount of depth in terms of RPG mechanics
+ ideal length (it doesn't overstay its welcome)
+ pleasant, catchy music
+ most encounters are hand-placed, so you won't be overwhelmed with tedious random battles
+ the game is quite addictive and lots of fun

- initial release plagued by obvious, "happy-path" bugs, some of which were game-breaking (the current version is much, much better, but the game should never have been released in this state)
- sound effects are pretty limited
- there are still some bugs/UI/balance issues that need to be ironed out (none game-breaking)
- game mechanics aren't as clearly explained as they should be

Bottom line:

Despite feeling like a beta tester, I really loved my time spent with this game. For the $3 I spent on the Kickstarter, this was a steal. Give it a few more patches, and buy with confidence. Anyone who enjoys old school games should definitely give it a whirl.

7/10 (Due to bugs)
8/10 (With additional patching)
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