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November 9th, 2013, 12:00
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
So called RPGers do not want choice and consequence. They want to feel power, they want to build an avatar that matters in the gameworld.


No choice and consequence, only quest for power.
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
That's the definition of a powergamer.
I agree with Thrasher here.

@ChienAboyeur, what you destribed is valid for the Action-RPG genre - but not for some other RPG games.

Because RPGs can give you stories as well.

In the end, I agree, almost all RPGs end up with the premise of "rising to power" (remember that for DA2 ?), but some better RPGs don't put this into the centre.

Drakensang 2 is an perfect example for this, imho : What matters there is not the "rise to power", but the story, the Quest.
That you gain power during Drakensang 2 is merely an necessary by-product, a logical consequence, but not the center of the game. The quest about … well, I don't want to spoil anyone … it is far more important. The power you gain through getting through the story is merely a tool.

The series "Quest For Glory" even has this in its titel : "Power" isn't mentioned in this series' title with one word. There's something different that matters, fame, for example.

Blizzard et. al. destroyed that all, and put "power" into the centre of gaming.
With the logical result of the whole game circling, evolving and revolving around the main centre theme of "how can I add something to increase my power ?" The loot there is one part of that.
As a logical result, the social contacts with NPCs are reduced to the bare minimum, and the story is basically non-existent.
Enemies have become merely tools for aquiring even more power; basically "cannon-fodder" for the player.

And, since publishers & developers often "follow the trail of money", masses of clones were made which just copied that what Blizzard had invented there.

Story-RPGs are died out. More or less.
Sandbox-RPGs have become somewhat rare, too.

Gone are the times when aquiring power was merely a tool on the journey. And at the end of the journey was the last boss. Meeting of equals.

Nowadays, this has been replaced by power being sought after just for power's sake.

And this is - imho - the definition of the Action-RPG genre.
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