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November 9th, 2013, 13:38
Yeah, I think I got enough impressions for that.
I expect something along the lines of Lands of Lore or Stonekeep. Both very linear.
But it has turnbased combat instead. The graphics already look pretty cool.
And from my perspective the big thing of the game is the interaction between the party members, a little like in Jagged Alliance or Dragon Age Origins, but instead of using fixed scripts it will be dynamic dependent on the attributes.
However, having programmed on amateur niveau myself and having a deep understanding of game mechanics (at least I would claim so) I am not sure how this can really work out in the actual game. I mean it sounds great on paper, but I have a hard time of understanding how this will look like in the game.
He said in the video that party members may leave the party. But will you have the possibility to recruit new party members then?

But yeah, I think what he showed in the video is quite good. The WAY he showed it could have used some improvement. You know, showing more enthusiasm, explaining how awesome he is, what invaluable experiences he has, and gaining nostalgic bonusses by showing clips from highlights of the old games he did.
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