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November 9th, 2013, 14:58
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
Has he said it's going to be linear?
Yes: One additional goal we have planned will add an Overhead Map to the game, complete with Overland Travel, Hunting and Gathering. At this point we will no longer have a linear game, but will also add additional main story lines to the game so that you can really go out and explore.

What will the combat be like? What tactical options (if at all) will you have? Will there be formations? How is ranged combat initiated/ will it be possible at all? How much focus will be on combat vs. other gameplay? Will there be cheap options like lots of potion chugging or will you need to be more careful?
That's in detail questions I don't expect to be answered in the original pitch. Maybe in an update focussing on combat. For now its:
With a variety of large outdoor and indoor environments, the game will offer a rich game setting with party-based gameplay and turn-based combat that allows for tactically infused battles.

We know there will be interactions, but it remains very unclear how that will go down and what consequences there will be. In the pitch Guido says that a companion might just up and leave. Ok, but how can I deal with that? Can I make up another character on the fly? Can I recruit another NPC? Is there any way I can tell that a party member is close to his/ her breaking point? What can I do about that?
Yub, I agree here.

Furthermore, why don't these personalities extend into combat (Guido said that in combat everyone is under your full control)?
Because that is really, really annoying.
Dead State also wanted to do that in the beginning, they changed this during development though because it's just too annoying for the player (besides of some little things like you find in Jagged Alliance)

I really don't feel my questions answered, but YMMV. We're RPG nerds and willing to give Guido credit for his past work though. That might not be true for a lot of other people.
I think the problem is that even RPG nerds hardly know who Guido is and what he did. And without highlighting that and without spreading real "excitement" in the video it's hard to go viral.
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